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Justice. /ˈjəstis/

1.Just behavior or treatment.
2.The quality of being fair and reasonable.


fairness – equity – right – righteousness – justness

According to Google, justice is being equal and fair. We can say that our Guidance Counselor is just for giving fair decisions. As well as judges, our moms, dads, grandmas and so much more. But ultimately, we give that adjective to our religious counselors. Our priests, pastors, nuns and the like.

Last May 8, 2012, a brutal crime was committed. Nestor Libaton, an affiliate of the Catholic Media Network and a reporter for the Catholic-run dxHM (Ang Radyo Totoo), was brutally shot seven times as they were on the way home to Mati City from a fiesta on Tarragona, Davao Oriental. He was aboard a motorcycle with a colleague, Eledon Cruz, when he was shot.

What was the CBCP’s reaction to this? They condemned the murder and URGED the government authorities to look into the incident. That seems pretty just for them. But wait, this is only half of the article.

Does a Catholic priest from Agusan del Norte ring a bell? How about the name Rev. Raul Cabonce of the St. Anne Parish? If it doesn’t, let me tell you this. He forced a 17 year old girl to perform oral sex to him. And even raped her last February 3 and March 14 2011. This supposed to be righteous and just priest even threatened the poor and helpless girl that he would curse her.

Now what do you think happened to the priest? Did the CBCP URGE the government officials to look into the case?

Sadly, he was just transferred to a far and different diocese. Now it is up to you, dear reader, to judge whether or not the Catholics are a symbol of JUSTICE or a bunch of selfish, HYPOCRITES.