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And now, as long as you support a Bill that is about family planning, responsible parenthood, maternal healthcare, and sexual education, you can be considered a potential murderer. And that your moral values are questionable. Offended? Well, CBCP President, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma said that in an interview.

“Moral values instilled in people who are in favor for RH Bill can be considered “questionable” as it implies a trait of being against life.”

I think that is your morals, Jose Palma, that are questionable. You are telling the followers of the Catholic Church here in the Philippines to not vote for the politicians who are able to make a change in this Country. You are not even acknowledging those Catholics who support the RH Bill.

And you said, “Voters should support worthy candidates, determined by us.” Jose Palma, the only definition of “worthy candidates” are the ones whom you can easily manipulate. This is POLITICS and not RELIGION. Again our Constitution clearly states that the Church is SEPARATE from the STATE. This is none of your business Palma. Stay out of it.