Hello there. This blog focuses on secular commentaries and atheistic or agnostic views. I am living in the Philippines where such notions are oppressed but I believe that the truth will set us free. I cannot stand the religious groups bullying and dictating what the Philippine government should do.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think. You may contact me at tide.evan@gmail.com

-Keith Tidon


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Keith
    thanks for following my blog. I understand things are very difficult for secularists in your country. I wish more power to your elbow!

  2. Kimchi Ko said:

    woooaahhhh i like this :O

  3. It is so easy for me to speak my mind on any topic here in Canada. I applaud you for your courage in an overtly religious country.

    • Thank you sir. I really want a lot of changes here in my country. From really practicing our Article II, Section 6 (The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.), and enlightening people about what atheism really is and the importance of free thought(including thinking for yourself and not being sheep to leaders and politicians, religious or not.)

  4. I sometimes find it embarrassing to be an American, knowing that many people in other countries think of us as a nation of religious nuts and bullies. And our media is so focused on American issues, it makes it seem as if people in other nations don’t matter. One has to work hard to get any sort of perspective on what life is like for other people in the world. I believe the Internet is changing all that, for the better. Good luck to you bringing the changes your country needs, while I work to change mine.

    • Thank you. But I must say your country is still better. I find it quite embarrassing to be a Filipino. Our country is considered as the most religious of all and my fellow countrymen think that is to be proud of. And our media, is more focused on the lives of celebrities and our elections are no more different than a popularity contest based on bribes. But that will all change in the future, I hope. Good luck to our endeavors.

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